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Filter8 makes it easy to provide Enterprise-Level filtering technology for your users and brand.

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Enterprise Technology

Filter8 is powered by Inversoft's CleanSpeak engine that is processing billions of requests for games, virtual worlds, and social networks. Perfect for your mobile app or that killer social network you’ve been working on.

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Simple Rest Api

There is no SDK, only an API.
You will be up and running in minutes. No really. It’s wicked cool.

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Robust, reliable, fast and intelligent filtering has always had a high price. Filter8 delivers protection without sacrificing quality. Check out our pricing!

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More Than Just Word Lists

Black and white lists alone do not accurately distinguish all questionable content. The highly intelligent filtering system powering Filter8 protects you against more than just 4 letter words and complex combinations.

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Robust Security And Features

256-bit encryption, multilingual support, minimal latency, professionally maintained content database and extremely configurable API requests.

Safety is only minutes away